domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

How to make decisions

Why is life so hard sometimes?

We have to make decisions all the time, some are hard and some are easy to make. Right now I am facing this problem, which makes me very anxious. I need to make decisions about where I will be working this year. I have different possibilities, some of them are well paid, but don't give any stability, and they give me freedom of how many hours I want to work and I can have a good personal life. The other is my opportunity of changing careers. However, it demands a lot of hours and my social life may never be as good again. I said to myself before that I would give myself some free time, in order not to get crazy, but now I do not know what to do.

To have a better personal life but with no expectations of things changing or to have a better professional life, without being able to live properly? Actually the second option is possible to have a personal life, but not sure of how much $ I will be able to make, so I would have to teach part time.

It is funny that in the business school you learn how to make decisions, using criteria and stuff. But what is theory seems so far from practice. Nowadays if you have a business, and you are just sitting on the couch waiting for them to happen, not getting any kind of update or adaptating yourself you might as well disappear.  Even as a person, you need to adapt yourself according to the situations that are coming your way.

What makes life interesting is the uncertainty of the future. I have to think like this, because if we have everything going according to our plans you know exactly what is going to happen. So that's what makes life so exciting.

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