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How to plan a cheap trip!

For those who want to spend little money but to have a great trip abroad, I have great news: It's possible!

 For example, I just planned my trip to the US and I didn't spend much. I will spend three weeks there and I will visit Miami, New York City, Washington D.C. and Orlando.

It helps if you can stay at a friend's house, that saves a lot of money!

Let me show my expenses:
Plane ticket POA - Miami - 657 dollars
Plane ticket Miami - New York - 100 dollars
Hostel in New York for seven nights - 220 dollars
Bus ticket from New York to Washington D.C. - 25 dollars
Hostel in DC for two nights - 79 dollars
Plane ticket DC - Orlando - 75 dollars
Hotel Orlando for seven nights - 220 dollars
Bus Orlando - Miami - 30 dollars
Friend's house in Miami for a week - 0 dollars (yahoo!!!!!)
Tickets for the theme parks for six days 300 dollars (you can save money here if you have friends working there)

Total cost: 1706 dollars = 3070 reais

600 dollars for extra costs

It is cheaper to do this than going to Recife or Fortaleza for example!

One website to save money on plane tickets


you can also follow them on twitter: @passagensaereas

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